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Please read: Fake Spam Profiles

Mapleleaf Man


I'm starting a list here of the fake profiles that the spammers are using here on Ebaby. Please add to this list if you get messages from these criminals. Maybe admin will do something about these people if we all get together to get rid of them. Here's my current list:











happy love50





This is a sample message : Hi,
My name is philomina i am a young girl from west Africa.
I went through your profile at(www.englishbaby.com)and found out that we can
make a good match and i will like you to contact me
through my email address(philomiinashadab@yahoo.com )
so that i can tell you more about myself.
please my dear i will like you to contact me at my mail box(philomiinashadab@yahoo.com )
Waiting for your mail,
your philomina

There is always a yahoo email adrress, there is usually a line about age and colour don't matter, and there is always the request to use the yahoo email instead of the ebaby email. Don't respond to this type of email. Report it as spam and copy and paste the person's profile name here in a post. Together we can beat these criminals. These profiles are all still active so I can only assume that admin has done nothing about them and they are still here spamming and cheating ebaby members. Thanks!

12:46 PM Mar 02 2009 |

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Mapleleaf Man



Good old 'mike' sends a long letter saying he is a lawyer and that I can get a few million from him in some kind of accident proceedings. Seems I am the only heir! Who knew? 



Kingsley is actually Priscella who wants to love me, it seems. The key here is the yahoo email addy. This person actually has a friend on Ebaby who I have written to asking for more information. Here is the message I received. 

"hi am Priscella Salifu from Ghana . i like to make friend with and love ypu . 30 years of age if you like it write me a message at Priscellasalifu @yahoo.com t5hat is my yahoo
ID.like to frieds with you beacuse you loke lovery to me "


04:49 PM Mar 02 2009 |

Mapleleaf Man


Mapleleaf Man's public apology to Mastermind.


Here is the link, Mastermind. If necessary , I can show you how to search the forums. If you want to get into a war of words, I think I will win. It`s up to you. Cheers!

05:08 PM Mar 02 2009 |

Mapleleaf Man


They set up a profile and then search the forums or search profiles by country. You can also search without being a member but you can only send messages if you are a member of Ebaby. These are real people, not 'bots' so they can make as many memberships as they want. They can also say they are from anywhere in the world. Thanks ColdWind and Ash_ton for the helpful replies. 

06:46 PM Mar 02 2009 |

Mapleleaf Man



Ultimate spam here. From Nigeria. Beware!

12:48 PM Mar 04 2009 |



United States

okeydoke thanks for the heads high though

01:08 PM Mar 04 2009 |

Mapleleaf Man



 This is a note from the  lovely 'Cynthia' who is probably some guy in Nigeria in an Internet cafe :

 Greetings From cynthia,
how are you today? and how about your health? hope fine and you are doing well,
My Name Is cynthia I am looking for a very nice man of love, caring, honest,
matured, understanding, and of good character, then after going to your profile
on this site (www.englishbaby.com)i pick interest in you, so i will like you
write me with my E-mail address which is as follow, for me to tell you more
about me, and as well give you my pictures because am really looking for a
seriously relationship with you. My address is().
thanks Yours New Friend Miss cynthia

You can tell this was written in Notepad because of the spacing. Copied and pasted most likely. 'Cynthia' must have sent out dozens of these. 

09:44 PM Mar 04 2009 |

Mapleleaf Man


MM, I help people through my blog, through my videos on youtube, through my comments on forums here and there and online with Skype, Msn and Yahoo and also QQ. I actually went out and found an English QQ in order to help my many Chinese friends. It seems that you don't trust someone who helps others, is that right? Well, there are no ulterior motives in my helping people at all. I enjoy meeting people and I love English. I hope that is clearly understood. 

A public apology is just that, public. A message to you isn't public, right?  I had no worries about you hacking my account. 

You want half of my friends to come here and say nice things about me? I don't think that is going to work, MM. You can see from the comments on my profile and from the comments on my blog and from the number of people who have been to my profile page that what I am saying is true. It's certainly not a popularity contest here. Do you think that I should refuse someone who asks to be my friend? Should I refuse to help people? If you read my blog you will see that some people ask for too much help and I refuse them. I'm not a saint, that's for sure, but I'm here to help in different ways. 

Thanks for your apology but it wasn't necessary. Oh, and I'm not paranoiac, more of a realist actually. 


05:57 PM Mar 06 2009 |




i was spam too by

11:29 PM Mar 13 2009 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

thank u boys.

Unfortunalty I answered to one of them.  that was .

09:51 AM Mar 21 2009 |


New Zealand

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