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In and ON, tell the difference?



1.The woman is in the chair.

2. The woman on the couch.

Why this difference? Pls. explain.

04:52 PM Mar 31 2009 |

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hi :-(,

i think,both sentences should be,

the woman is on the chair.

the woman on the chouch.

because,on means above of sth.

in means inside of sth.

take care,

see ya;)

06:57 PM Mar 31 2009 |

Kyle A

Kyle A

United States

Both are correct. "In" is more often used but "on" is more grammatically correct.


They are interchangeable in this instance.

05:23 AM Apr 01 2009 |



Russian Federation

when the woman 's in the chair she in sitting.

If the woman's on the couch she  most likely is lying.

It's the great difference!Tongue out

07:45 PM Apr 03 2009 |



Thanx, friends.

12:20 PM Apr 04 2009 |



on means above  something.

in means inside or within some area.

FOR eg.  I live in India.

1.The women is standing on the chair.

is right instead of in.

hey! I have one question for you , tell me uses of at as compare to in?






11:56 PM Apr 04 2009 |

Kyle A

Kyle A

United States

wow ramesh, that is a really good question.


"She is at the store."

"She is in the store."


There are differences in the meanings of these, unlike "in" and "on" in this thread. There are several variable though. For example, the location of the person speaking. If the person is near the store then she is in it. If the person is at home then she is at the store… I don't think I can explain it better then that at the moment…. Such a hard question to answer.

07:13 AM Apr 05 2009 |