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what will you do when you lonely



sometimes,people will feel lonely althougt he/she is not alone,

what will you do when you feel lonely?

and did you feeling lonely now or being along ?


08:20 AM Apr 22 2009 |

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Palestinian Territory, Occupied

yeah i feel lonely now, but when i feel that i go out to visit relatives or friends , that make me feel little bit good

09:15 AM Apr 22 2009 |



Palestinian Territory, Occupied

but the worst feeling when you feel that you are very lonely even though you are between friends

09:16 AM Apr 22 2009 |

Nice shadow

United Arab Emirates

I dont like to be alone. I always try to join with my family and freinds. but when I feel lonely I pray for God and read Holy quran thats help me and I feel I am not alone.

05:03 AM Apr 23 2009 |




If you feel lonely just feel it and look in your mind.there's no one help you but yourself. 

01:04 PM Apr 23 2009 |



yes,i think so,but in the real life,some people would have that feeling even they're not alone.

03:53 AM Apr 24 2009 |



Not now but most of the times, and now I am used to this. I think it is the reality of Life. A true aspect. I don't get upset when I feel alone. On the contrary, sometimes it makes my more sensitive, courageous and definitive.   

04:09 AM Apr 24 2009 |



I feel that it's sometimes also good to listen to music or some stories when lonely,when you don't think too much,just listening

05:45 AM Apr 24 2009 |





I will do some sports :running ,play basketball and so on !

sometimes I may eat some food which will make me happy !

06:01 AM Apr 24 2009 |




yes,actually i'm easy to get lonely!

i think it has been a part of life!

If i feel lonely i can't focus myself.

i'll listen to music,watch movies or talk to friends!

sometimes, i'll use some words to write down my feelings!

Anyway,i like to keep myself happy!

10:15 AM Apr 24 2009 |



we should be happy in our life time.

althought lonely sometime,we should go ahead of  our life.


Although I have written this topic,I'm not feel longely. Maybe I can say…just a little bit boring sometimes.hahaSince my friends are beside me and my parents are love me .


12:47 PM Apr 24 2009 |