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I have a presentation today...




I have a presentation today, but I didin't do it. because I have no confidence and just can't speak in front of my classmates….anyway, I know I have to do it next tuesday,,,,, I can't stop thinking about my presentation and I don't want to face the turth!!!.....Also, I am afraid  my classmates will ask me questions….Oh god,,,help me!! How can I overcome this!!!!I hate it…

10:28 PM May 07 2009 |

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Viet Nam

I have a presentation also and got a bit worry about it but when I read some your advises in this forum I think I got more confidence to do this. Everything is fine when we have enough confidence rite?

This is the first time I have got a presentation in front of many people :(..hope lucky will come with me and everyone who has a presentation like me. 

02:22 PM May 15 2009 |





next week, i will to presentation in examination for descriptif someting,but i'm not clear in speak english. how does one i can speak with clear?

02:26 PM May 16 2009 |