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How to read the email address



Dear friends,

 I came from China, but when I contract the foreigners by phone, We can't explain each other email address correctly. I don't know how foreigners read their email address?

01:43 AM May 12 2009 |

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Dear friend .you are from China as well as me too in Tibet.  if yo want to contact with westrens and fisrst you want to improve your English .so i am also come on this pragram and that reaso is that i want to improve my English basic. who can help o me and contact those of email address .    and

05:05 AM May 12 2009 |

pink angel

pink angel

Saudi Arabia


i did not what do you mean with your question

 i really wanted to help

07:47 AM May 12 2009 |


Viet Nam

Hi, let me make it easier by giving an example. 4 instance, my email is: 'jeameypan@gmail.com'. Then, you can speak it out like this: 'jeameypan at gmail dot com'. Hope it helped.

05:54 PM May 12 2009 |