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lets create a stroy using our own imaginations!! fun and learn:)




Hi friends!! i just want all of u to create an interesting story keeping the earlier post into mind. It will be a thread of imagination which will create an interesting story. But guys plz dont go away from tracks. Here we all go.Listen! u have to just add some lines and the other will take it further, twisting it and giving it color according to their own imagination.

08:30 AM May 15 2009 |

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here i m going to be initial.The start is:

It was a bright Sunday of spring and i was in my way towards garden along with my frinds, as on that day, we decided to have fun enjoying the cool wind and the sight of garden full of colorful flowers and green grass and trees.As we reached the gate,....... hay its ur turn now:)

But let me remind u have to proceed the same story.here u go!!!!! enjoy writing english and ur imagination.

08:40 AM May 15 2009 |



Palestinian Territory, Occupied

As we reached the gate, a little girl need helping called us; she was playing then she fell down and injured, she was crying i wanted to go back to help her but my freinds tald me that , it is sure her parents are near from here, then…......... hay its ur turn now:)


hay rabi85, it is so nice idea, but my english is little bad!


waiting for u…

05:21 PM May 15 2009 |




my looks averted into them.. thinking if they are really human… This girl needs help at the very moment, so why not to act at that time.. besides nobody's in sight aside from my friends. So, I run as quickly as I can… 

Astonished by the next scene.. (next person's turn)

02:43 AM May 18 2009 |



...but as she looked at me I saw something strange at her eyses…I had never seen it before, it seems me like the child wanted me to take her hand and walk with her somewhere away.I felt that I had to protect her…so I…

08:20 PM May 18 2009 |


Saudi Arabia

i take her hand

and ask her where is your parents?

she is answered in the garden but they r away of me

09:30 PM May 18 2009 |




SmileFirst, thanx friends for ur contribution to proceed the storySmile.Nair it doesnt matter if ur English isnt good. We r all here to improve it. oh! u have given the story a tragic turn in the very start lolTongue out.Anyways u r free to twist the story according to ur imagination.Good contribution!

Aveuna and Mynote good contribution from ur side as well.:)

Talen u have given the scene a dramatic color i really liked it. Mamy thanx for ur contribution !! Hurry up friends!! i wanna see u guys to take the story to climax!! waiting twist and turns

10:45 AM May 19 2009 |



So we sought her parents, but we've never find them. They seemed to have disappeared. The girl was so sad and incosolable. And suddenly we saw….

 (Great idea, i adore)

11:41 AM May 19 2009 |




We had to obey and started walking untill we got a big dark house wihtout doors or windows. Inside were three boxes. One contained happiness, one richness and one was a surprise. They told us, let's choise what you want. I asked….why that one box is a surprise box? what could be happen if I choise just that one? The child's father told me. I can't tell you anything but remember, once you chosed you can't come back. I asked too…why this house in without doors and windows…? the mother answered…..

11:12 AM May 20 2009 |




sorry friends being a bit late…thanx all of u for such a generous contribution:) u all rock lolz..i was feeling as if i were reading a detective novel :p..i really liked the idea of "three boxes". "ready" i was surprised that u were going to end the story when ur dream was over but u left it continue very beautifully..now i guess friends r not on the scene coz they were along wid u in ur dream now u r awaken and r alone on the scene…the next can proceed it using other charactters according to the story.. lets see what happen in the story:)

08:00 AM May 26 2009 |



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Jeni looked straight into our eyes. Challenging look… “ok” he said in a determined voice, if you are so wise then tell me, “If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?” He smiled a little! “Shit!” someone murmured. “Hehehehe….” “You can’t beat a Jeni”… Jeni is waiting for the answer and we are waiting for our freedom!

02:59 PM Jun 13 2009 |