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Smile makes your moment precious

Smile because it’s healing

Smile is an essence of life.

A smile is a sign of care

Smile because it’s raining

Smile because you’re happy

Smile because you’re ideal.

A smile is a sign of cheer

Smile pleadingly to get what you want

Smile forgivingly to pardon your jerks and other jerks.

Smile dreamingly to make your dreams come true.

Smile virtuously as you’ve done your work.

A Smile is a sign of hope

Smile because you’re not confused

Smile because you’re having a plan.

Smile because you want to

Smile just because you can!

A smile teaches you how you can,

Remove the clouds of mope

A smile is a thousand words

How can one smile such sweet smiles,

When life brings me nothing but tears,

Smile is a song of care

Smile when you see a reason for living

Smile for all the good things you have in life

For nothing but only a smile,

Can takes away your pain and trail,

I need a smile to glitter my world,

Smile is a magic, every smile has a rhyme

A smile is a thousand words.


02:23 AM May 28 2009 |

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 it is a smile which has own language , words.

it is a only  language on earth which can understand everyone though they are from any region ,country or age group. 

03:31 AM May 28 2009 |

damascus rose

Syrian Arab Republic

A Smile is a sign of hope

A smile is a thousand words.

thanks for this nice smile


10:36 AM May 28 2009 |



A simple smile can be the reason of many other's smile

10:51 AM May 28 2009 |





03:26 PM May 28 2009 |



keep smile always

u will not loes any thing Laughing

03:48 PM May 28 2009 |


Viet Nam

let's smile, together!!! ^^

05:34 PM May 29 2009 |