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learn English on msn, yahoo or skype



Hello Everyone!  This is my first post ever!

I have been a second-language teacher for over 10 years.  I was teaching in South Korea, Japan, and my home country, Canada.  Now, I want to stay in Canada for a while, but I want to continue to teach English as a second language.  So, I would like to try teaching English by webcam and head-set on msn, yahoo, or skype, whichever the student prefers.  They would pay by paypal.

What do you think of this idea?

Do you have any ideas about how I could find students?

Thanks for any suggestions you can give me!

05:24 AM Apr 26 2007 |

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I want to learn American Accent. Can you help me.

08:27 PM Apr 26 2007 |



  maybe you can find students hereLaughing

03:31 AM Apr 27 2007 |




11:55 AM May 14 2007 |



i want to learn english
so i wait u re reply

11:50 AM May 17 2007 |

the sea

the sea

Saudi Arabia

ok i like this idea but how much do i have to pay by dollar a month i am from saudi arabia from Asia and how can i pay for you through what?there also a very important point which is  want to learn the american accent thanks**

11:21 PM Jun 17 2007 |

Mapleleaf Man


This is a great example of SPAM. Coming into an English forum, where people volunteer to help others, only to seek clients or customers who might pay for lessons. This is no different from the Nigerian scams or the 'single' women looking for husbands. Moderators should delete this thread and cancel the original spammers account.

 People! Don't reply to this person. If she wants clients, let her pay for an ad on here instead of picking up free clients in the forum.

11:27 AM Jun 20 2007 |



i agree with you Mapleleaf Man

06:34 AM Jun 21 2007 |



i want to learn english, but i do'nt know how to ?


06:52 AM Jun 21 2007 |