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your greatest hobby/passion




What's your greatest hobby or passion?


As far as I'm concerned is running. I started doing jog one year ago just to move my body and now I'm mad for it. For 3 months I joined competitive running races and I began to run many distances. Last sunday I ran for 30 km inside a wood made of a difficolt paths.



On July 12th I'm going to do 35 km and I'm traing to join the marathon of Nice (France) – 42 km - on November. 




you're right, I'm quite mad but I think everyone should have a hobby or passion to follow to live on great lines! CoolLaughing

10:39 AM Jun 21 2009 |

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Wow! It is really passionate to hear that!Hope you would join the marathon and why not, may be, win it. 

I envy you Europeans! What an exposure you people enjoy.

My passion is to study books. I love them. They are my soul. Current Politics, Economics, History and philosophy- I read whatever I find! Besides- literature, especially poetry is also my favorite. 

10:55 AM Jun 21 2009 |




  WOW,  Manu, that's great!!  I thought your hobby was cycling?  Do you exercise regularly to keep fit?

   That forest is wonderful , I would prefer to run there in winter or fall but not in hot summer time?  :)

08:35 AM Jun 23 2009 |



My hobby/Passion is all about fishing. I do lot of salt fishing. Will post some pictures soon.

11:02 AM Jun 23 2009 |




my hobby is swimming. And If I have much money, I go to  one of beautiful islands in my country for snorkling..


But if I don't have money, I would like to sleep…Frown

05:56 AM Jun 24 2009 |

pink angel

pink angel

Saudi Arabia

My greatest passion or hobby is walking i like to walk alot whenever i have the chance or free i use this time in walking


i wish if i walk for along period witout stopping

12:38 PM Jun 24 2009 |




  Hi.  Studying books is so interesting. I like them too but I can't read everithing I meet. Books about history (not historical novels), art and fantasy – this is my passion. Recently i've read 15 fantasy books of an russian writer.It was like a storm. I couldn't do anithind to make myselvf to do anything except reading!I coudn't stop reading!!!

05:58 PM Jun 24 2009 |

lada 1

lada 1


Hi.i like to watch different films.


11:18 AM Jun 25 2009 |



reading novels and potrey ,it is my greatest passion

04:10 AM Jun 26 2009 |