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What NOT to say to your partner




  • What NOT to say to your woman

1) "What did you do to your hair?"
2) "They both look the same to me."
3) "Relax."
4) "I've got it all under control."
5) "You're not one of those feminists, are you?"
6) "When are you due?"
7) "You're being emotional."
8) "You're acting just like your mother/my mother/my ex-girlfriend."
9) "You complete me."
10) "Do you really think you should be eating that

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  • What NOT to say to your Man

1) "That looks cute."
2) "We need to talk."
3) "It's just a game."
4) "Nothing's wrong."
5) "I sound like my mum."
6) "I just want to be friends."
7) "Size doesn't matter."
8) "What are you wearing?"
9) "Do you think she's pretty?"
10) "Which outfit do you like better?"

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11:04 AM Jun 21 2009 |

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What's wrong with the first one to the man? I'd like saying "you are so cute", or "it's very cute" to someone or something that I'm interested in.

11:14 AM Jun 24 2009 |




No 3 (NOt to say to woman) I like to hear that, specially if i didn't cook , while my husband got hungry.Laughing He said "relax..we can go out to buy something"

 or if it said by my boss.

"Boss, I can't finish my work today?" and he said "Relax…, U can do it tomorrow, now better U go home!!"..

08:54 AM Jun 25 2009 |