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Improve english by skype, msn.......




I saw lots of topic here for inviting on chatting by skype or msn for improving english.

Is that really work?

hw many ppl invite u or add ur address? 

did u trust them who invited or added u?

07:58 AM Jun 25 2009 |

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Saudi Arabia

This is very nice topic.  Me I always try to invite poeple on skype or msn.  I learned english using msn.  I will tell this wierd story.  before 5 years I knew a friend from Australia.  At that time my english was very weak.  I don't know a lot of english words.  And then we realy become close to each other.  Even she took pictures from her house and from the city where she live.  and I did the same.  I knew her through an english chat ( its name was jewish of USA I think).  Any way I used to enter that chat and they were always supprised. I had many friends in that chat even when I don't find that girl I go to that chat  and they call her or tell me where is she.  I used to chat with her in MSN by typing and speaking.  I didn't know what is the meaning of a lot of words but I was using a translator to find words as soon as possible.  Then after maybe 4 or 5 months I tried to translate the word jewish then I realy got shocked.  My best friend was a jewish girl and now I knew why she told me that her family always tell her that don't be with me. she told me that she always talk about me with her family.   sorry for this long story but what I want to tell you is yes you can realy improve your english by chat programs.  And about trust belive me,  you need only to trust on yourself because it is completely safe no body will attack you and try to get out from your monitor like scary movies.  Treat it as you want to practice and gain some knowledge


Best wishes to you

11:00 PM Jun 25 2009 |




I agree with Blue-Sky… skype and MSN are useful, and you can use them to learn English.

02:46 AM Jun 26 2009 |



yes as the previous members said using MSN for chatting is very useful,sure if you find the good person and he or she has real intention to teach you english every thing wil be right,befor i added many people in my MSN but i didnt chat with them much coz they usually dont have time to chat with me but now i have realy good friend,he is from england and we are 2gother since 2 years and i learned much of him and also now i have confident in myself when i speak englishSmile

03:36 AM Jun 26 2009 |




Nice story Blue-sky, I love to know it.

it is completely safe no body will attack you and try to get out from your monitor like scary movies….Laughing yep, you r right.

but what I dont like is sometimes some ppl like to talk abt s** (or bad-talking) and i dont like it.

noquti n dreamerhh, it's so nice to know fr u too. Keep in touch with your friends 

07:55 AM Jun 26 2009 |



In my opinion msn,skype etc are very helpful.they help people who use them broaden their minds and help them improve their vocabulary and their grammar.

12:21 PM Jun 26 2009 |

mei pang

mei pang


hi lini ,you can add my msn ,it is , i am from china , i want to make friends with you 

06:56 AM Oct 21 2009 |

mei pang

mei pang


my msn it is dongpm111 at live.cn

06:57 AM Oct 21 2009 |



well i want to star it , this is my email. .. add me to have a chat with voice , ot'd be wonderful

09:15 PM Nov 20 2009 |




Hi I want to improve my spoken english

My skype is sokan_icy

07:23 AM Apr 12 2010 |