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TALK ABOUT YOUR COUNTRY (funny roules of yor country)

najla al qahtani

Saudi Arabia

mmm let`s know about your cluture more … first right your country name then start to talk about your contry …. anything just let us have fun ^ and get information in the same time ^ well am gonna start Country: saudi arabia…. well one of the rouls is that men are not allowed to go to family malls in order to not doing bad things like sending bad picture or videos to lettel girls by bluetooth or anoyying them so am like a card for dady or my brother to inter the mall loool the funny thing is that alot of girls going to that mall so men ask the ladys to inter the mall or gives the scurty some money to inter so we were about to inter the mall with dady and dad saw man ask the scurty to allow him to inter we usually ignored them … but that thing that i wasn`t saw it coming is that ….. dad allow to that guy to inter as his son i was like @@ he said thank you to dad and gone …. as simple as that looooool well dad has a kind heart more than me ^^ because i was happy about the roules becase they just wonder in the shops without aim they`r just stupid anoyying people …

12:45 PM Aug 07 2009 |

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hey , here i wanna talk about a common rule that i guess most parents in China may know more .In China, when your children grow up ,and reach the age of getting a job . In most circumstances , parent first think of preparing a sum of money for establishing good relationship with the people who could do some help . It seems like corrupt. or it is .It is commen sense here.Maybe i 've said something wrong , but forgive my ignorance

09:19 AM Aug 08 2009 |

najla al qahtani

Saudi Arabia

 really??so did it work????Surprised i mean if they got the money did they help that guy to find a job?

01:56 PM Aug 08 2009 |



My country is like a fairytale.in our country p[eople are very hospitable.

05:40 PM Aug 16 2009 |