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An interesting story...

Miss Lubaba

Saudi Arabia

An interesting story  Read the following story. I believe it will benefit you very much. I hope my English is working very well in translating it and I hope you enjoy reading it. 

The Girl That Many People Fell in Love with       A boy told his father about his intention to marry a girl. He has fallen in love with her because she was very beautiful and he liked her charming eyes. The father was so happy to hear such news and asked" Where is this girl to go to her and engage her to you?"       When they went to her house, the father saw the girl and loved her. He said to his son" listen my son. This girl is not suitable for you. She deserves a man with experience in life like me."The son was astonished to hear such words from his father and angrily said" I am the one who is going to marry her, not you" They struggled with each other until they went to the police to solve their problem. They told the policeman their story. He said" Bring this girl to me to ask her which one she will choose, the son or the father?        When the policeman saw her, he became taken with her and said" This girl is not suitable for both of you. She deserves someone with a status like me"         The three men struggled with each other and went to the minister. When he saw her, he liked her and said" This girl should marry a minister like me"       They struggled, too, and then went to the king. The king said "I will solve this problem" Then, they brought the girl. When the king saw her, he said" no… This girl should marry a king like me"        They argued with each other. Then, the girl said" I have the solution. I am going to run and you are going run behind me. The one who will hold me first, I will be his wife"        The five men agreed on her idea and ran behind her. Suddenly, while they were running behind her, they fell in a deep hole. From the top, the girl looked at them and said" Now, do you know who I am?

I am this life… I am the one which all people are running behind. They compete against each other to get me. They leave their religion away and seek for me until they fall in their graves"   (I hope that everyone reads this story will get the message.)Waiting for your responses.


04:46 PM Aug 07 2009 |

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09:44 PM Aug 07 2009 |