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I want a name for my group..


United Arab Emirates

hi guys how r u doing hope fine

 well me and my group are doing a research which is about internet fraud and i want a name for my group

any name, but one whivh i can make a logo for it

 waiting for u



05:43 AM Oct 13 2009 |

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May your group name is NGALENGKA, a u know it ? 

08:38 AM Oct 13 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

ok,,,to choose a name for a group ,,,its not easy dude. u have to choose a name which can talk about ur group ,,,, and it have to be an easy name so the ppl could like it fast,,,,when i read what u wrote the first name that come to my mind is  ( contra da I.fraud),,,,,, i hope that u and ur group  like it  _...

06:49 PM Oct 13 2009 |



we are a group of people on facebook…........the group’s name is Today’s Woman.

the group’s slogan is “dare to inspire”

our objectives are: * to inspire members of the group
* to promote healthy relationships
* to reach out to the less privileged in society
* going on trips and having meetings

please help me get a new name for my group.

10:39 AM Oct 15 2011 |


New Zealand

Oh. I’ve got a good one.   
There is a word in english for websites that are made to look like other websites, like bank or payment websites. Then users put their information in, and the information gets stolen and used.  
The word is ‘phishing’. From the word ‘fishing’, and pronounced the same.  
So you could call yourselves ‘Phishermen’.  :) 

08:14 AM May 30 2015 |