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The best way to learn english. Is THIS the way?



Ok. So i've moved to Canada from Macedonia a few years ago and a lot of my Macedonian friends have been asking me how i learned English so damn well. I told them to get a freakin native speaking teacher onlne and some of them have been doing good, but some of them have been bombing it. I used online tutoring and it worked great for me and some of my friends. But i just wanted to hear what you guys thnk. Is online tutoring better than face to face. I think it is. What abot you guys.

PS. http://www.skype-englishschool.com/. In case you guys, and gals, were interested in knowing what website i used.

04:21 PM Nov 06 2009 |

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I'm curious about your method. How long did it take you? I have been learning English for 3 years. I still have one year to go before finishing it. You know, taking English classes. I'm just doing great. Did you learn only by using online tutoring?

01:24 AM Nov 07 2009 |



Well really it depends on the person and the level they are at. Personaly it took me about 2 years. That was quite a short time considering i was so young. You need personal attention and a method that you feel is right. thats why I think that the online method is better, you get to learn what you need, when you need it, at the pace you are comfortable at. At least thats what i got.  

04:17 PM Nov 09 2009 |



I prefer taking face to face class then online, but in these busy days online tutoring is the best choice. Learning english much depends on how much we use it in our daily lives(even though we make mistakes during our new age, it devleops gradually)

05:03 PM Nov 12 2009 |




Hi there. I think both ways are useful but face-to-face classes do only make sense if they are held in English only. In my country lots of teachers have not realised yet, that speaking about English in Hungarian will never teach anyone to speak English. It may sound strange, but reading books/magazines and watching films (of course in English) also play a very important role. Chiefly if you watch it not only for fun but you really listen to new structures and words and try to look them up and memorise them. Though these all, if you want to pick up English very quickly, you'd better look up a (native) private teacher. That's for me. And what's in your opinion?

10:17 PM Nov 13 2009 |