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i need some help. could you write me subtitle of video - its duration is 2.35 mins?



this is a link of this video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gN78LLRZnzM i try my best but i'm lack of english especially listening and speaking. thank you for help

05:21 PM Dec 12 2009 |

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-Ladies and gentleman we are about to explain the safety safety procedures on this plane.There is safety information cards in the seat pockets in front of you. Please look at yours. It will help you to follow our demestration.The emergency bracing position issue on the card. If you hear the words brace brace. You must take of this position immediately.During the flight the air in the cabin is automatcally controlled but …. system failed … there about you if you see these small systems sit down emidiatly.Put you mask to your nose and breath normally.Putting the mask to your face opens the oxygen supply.

Ahh this think is long well the first 50 second of that video is something like that.. If I had more time I could do all sorry about that.. :/


P.S I couldnt make the spell check you can do the spell check with using Microsoft Word.Good luck with the rest of the video..

09:17 PM Dec 12 2009 |