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i want to improve my english speaking skills



hi, myself atul. i am living in india and i want to improve my english speaking skills. if somebody want to help me in learning english so please reply me because i am waiting for your reply and also for new friend.




09:31 AM May 28 2007 |

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Hello,friend.Hope I can be of any help.

I think the best way is to try to imitate.you know,we are not English native speakers.we learn our mother language is just to imitate how the adults say.we learn how to pronunce and practise again and again untill we make it.I think it's the same way with our English learning,right? don't be afraid of making mistakes We sometimes make mistakes with our mother language.So don't shy,read them aloud!

Why not listen to some english broadcasting programmes,or head to the stores to get some english music Cds,it'll do you good.

   Well,good luck with your english.


10:29 AM Jul 03 2007 |




if you want to talk with me ,just contact  me freely.thanks!

07:22 AM Jul 13 2007 |

The Dragon

The Dragon


I am from Egypt and I want to improve my english but I didn't find anyone to help me

Can you help me?

11:14 PM Jul 22 2007 |


United States

Hello someone can recommend a course to improve english? am computer professional and am look for help to improve speaking. Am presently in Canada. thank you.

08:25 AM Jul 23 2007 |




hi.Iam a chinese girl.like english very much.would like to make more friends in english baby to practice english.and improve english.

09:04 AM Jul 23 2007 |




Sounds like English is very popular these days.Many people need to speak English including me of course.I want to find some one really good at English,maybe English natives.So,if you want to help me or if you think I worth your contact,pls contact me with no hesitation.Oh sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Erin, a Chinese girl working in Yantai. And my msn is Waiting for your joining

09:19 AM Jul 23 2007 |



hai all,

English is the lingua franca(universal language)! to have a complete mastery over it one has to have a complete dedication for it, one has to develop the habit of reading english papers, one has to converse in english with those who are fluent in that language & finally one has to develope the habit of asking questons, for more details keep in touch at

12:22 PM Jul 23 2007 |



hai atu,

In India, you have a lot of options to improve your english-like newspapers! The Hindu has  exclusive english columns on tuesdays by upendran and on sundays 'wordspeak' by anand-all these things will help you to ensure english fluency at a meagre rate Rs. 3.2 only, so try it & enjoy it , have a wonderhul english day, byeee

12:28 PM Jul 23 2007 |




  I am bamboo from china where is very beautiful.My job is asistant engineer in American firm. That is why i want to improve my oral english,at the same time , i also make some friends help me .

12:31 PM Jul 23 2007 |




try to love english! what's the advantage of loving something? you will be entering into a limitless world! So have a pragmatic approach in the case of english also, so once you start loving english, you will be finding the mesmeric effects of it & ultimately you will be a part and parcel of it, all the best, bye

12:32 PM Jul 23 2007 |