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english friend



  i  need  an  english  friend  to  talk  with  him  ..in order  to  enhance  my english  spoen..  i need  an  english  native  speaker..

12:48 AM Jan 28 2010 |

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Hi manu, how can i find a forum from england? Which words have i type by google to find english forums?


Thanks for help

06:28 PM Feb 04 2010 |



here is a website that allow u to chat with englishnative speakers. www.sharedtalk.com

in  this website u will find many friends arround the worl, so you will be able to contact them via microphone. i hope tht it will be useful for whose want to improve their englih and thx

07:03 PM Feb 04 2010 |



United States

Fairy Angel. hi. communicating with native speakers is acrucial part of Language learning. I ,personally, had to put my life in danger and work for the US Army as an intepreter. I learned alot of stuff.

In the absence of such oppertunities, I would recommend watching TV shows like Simpsons and Family guy.

08:59 PM Feb 04 2010 |




helloo.. i am from turkey.. i want to have new friends and improve my english and german, especially with native speakers.. if you want to talk contact with me.. i will be very pleased..

09:54 AM Mar 08 2010 |



Find one friend can communicate with each other in english, in the meantime, can you introduce someone who can enhance spoken english,thanks.

09:17 AM Mar 12 2013 |