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learning English is a piece of cake!



i compare English with some kinds of tree. it's an English tree. try imaginin to the tree what it looks like and how can it grow? it starts from the little seed and then become bigger day by day. someone has a chance to learn about English tree and then come back to tell the ones who have never learnt about it!. they just take the leaves of tree for teaching those people. someone take the branches of tree for teaaching those people. someone takes the fruite of the tree for teaching those people. oh! what a mistake! but no one teaches them how to plant or cultivate the tree. the way to plant the tree is to learn about Basic Grammar, start from "part of speech, tense, phrase, clause, if clause, non finite verbs, idiom, slang and so on. learning step by step. try to remember some pattern and bring it into usin in your daily life. Love English and then English will love you in return! the more you can remember, the more you will learn! good luck for all

 i'm just the beginner!  

04:24 AM Jan 29 2010 |

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a piece of  cake  means it is very  easy.

08:37 AM Jan 29 2010 |



thanks for asking this question. it's a good question. we don't need to learn the leaves of English tree cuz it's too much as you said. so what we should learn is that…learn how to plant the english tree. what i mean is that we need to find some seeds of tree and then learn how to plant it and then you will get the leave and the fruite yourself. no need to learn from anyone. it sounds like a philosophy, you need to think step by step. ask me anything you wanna know…..happy to tell

08:44 AM Jan 29 2010 |



if you wanna be able to write, learn more about grammar and increase more vocabularies.

if you wanna be able to speak English, you need to know basic grammar and then increase more vocabularies and then practice speakin English in your daily life.

do remember that! Rome is not built only one day! learning English needs more time and more patient…...keep on practicin and don;t even give up!

08:51 AM Jan 29 2010 |

Nice shadow

United Arab Emirates

your talking is right and I practice alot but even that Im not very good in english. how can i improve my language.

03:15 PM Jan 29 2010 |



huhuhu..you are askin me the same question which i used to ask many foreigners all over my country. What is the best way to improve my English? they all suggest me the same things. they are  four skills, listenin, speakin, readin and writin….no more than this….try to listen a lot, try to speak a lot, try to read a lot, and try to write a lot….....listen to English radio, news , speak about interestin topics, yourself, culture, tradition and travellin day, try to read newspaper and write it down what you wanna write…when you're happy or sad etc. Remember if you can't find native speakers to talk with, you can talk to somebody else, friends etc. make it easy and try to relax…..it's a kind of fun….don't be too serious…..

 good luck to you NICE SHADOW


01:54 AM Jan 30 2010 |




wow….how about my problem…i just can write but cant talk in englishh…

hmm….its so difficult????!!arghh

05:19 AM Jan 30 2010 |



you know? someone knows how to write but don't know how to speak. someone knows how to speak but don't know how to write. someone knows nothing. if you just practice how to write, you will be able to write perfectly. what if you just practice how to speak, you will be able to…...........you know? i believe that you can speak English…...if you have more chance to practice, you will become an expert. you'll be able to speak English without stoppin, without takin a breath….as if the native speaker…..speak out what you know, speak out what you leant….remember if you don't use it, you willl forget someday! so, do it as often as you can…..keep on…............everytime, everywhere…........

05:28 AM Jan 30 2010 |

Crystal Eyes

Saudi Arabia

Beautiful vision .. Very impressive..

About the speaking thing .. So beautiful ideas you said .. About me .. It's truly that I'm freakish girl with the english .. i always love to talk with myself in english .. I can't stop this thing happening .. i love the english very much ..Insane girl i am  ...:p

Watching the English TVs .. helps a lot in speaking english,too in my opinion ..

07:21 AM Jan 31 2010 |



huhuhu…you seem to be so much crazy in English…..i absolutely agree with what you said above….and thanks for nice saying! that will be benifit for someone who doesn't know where to start learning Eng…take ur recommendation!  hope you could speak Engish fluently, naturally, efficeintly, correctly, and perfectly…..so as to get a better thing in the world of communication! ........thanks again…..nice to hear from you more….......-

10:00 AM Jan 31 2010 |




interesting point of view!!!!Wink I agree with every thing you said Smile and it's the way that i learned english just as you said: listen, read, write, speak in english.

thanx for this creative topic!!

07:45 PM Jan 31 2010 |