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Learning english,  being the international language, is really important. By doing so, you let down the barriers of indifference and also you elevate yourself into the highest(???) level of being understood and (you) understanding other people and there is this excitement and joy of discovering new cultures that will let us understand and feel the connection of each human being to one another…Cool

11:15 AM Jun 13 2007 |

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I need a friend in order to improve myself in english , my e-mail is

01:11 PM Jun 13 2007 |




I wanted to share these tips in learning English..It worked you know…Laughing

1. Learn the basics of English. This means that you have to learn the English grammar.

2 . Read plenty of English reading materials.

3. Use it in daily conversation. If possible, converse with someone who's competent in the said language.

4. Watch English movies, cnn news, fox news and cartoons that use a lot of english idioms. Example is sesame street (well for the kids) 

01:46 AM Jun 14 2007 |