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what s the weather like today??



Dears friends!! i'm came from rome!! today it s a gorgeous day in my country!! it s sunny like a true spring day!!  and wat is it like in your country?

09:29 AM May 13 2010 |

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Russian Federation

I live in the North of Russia and here it's +31 at the moment. I hear that we are in the power of some African cyclone.

Sveta, come to my place. We will go to the beach to sunbathe. Smile

10:56 AM May 13 2010 |



Russian Federation

And in the South of Russia (where I live) is +25 C today, it's raining, but yesterday was +30 and sunshine…  I'm waiting for the hot weather and warm sea to go to the beach. (now the water in the sea is still cold for me: +15C)

11:33 AM May 13 2010 |


Russian Federation

I live in the West of Russia and now it's warm, sunny,the temperature is +20.

I can't stand frost, but I find a  particular charm in rainy weather.

For me spring is the best season!

02:03 PM May 13 2010 |




it's rainy in Poland. I don't like this weather… :P

09:30 PM May 13 2010 |