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Good site for IELTS

Paul E


This looks like a good site to help with IELTS:


12:31 AM Jun 19 2007 |

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United Arab Emirates

thanks alot my frinend

i will need it couze next year i have to do IELTS


see ya

08:31 PM Jun 19 2007 |




Hi i need to talk in english with fluency, i dont have much vocabulory to speak and my words will break down some times, All peoples says i use mother tounge influence while talking in english, can any body suggest to come out it

05:36 AM Jun 20 2007 |


United Arab Emirates

I i suggest to listen to native english speaker..

also it will be helpfull if u learn new vacab becouse it make it earies to commencation with other people…

 good luck to u

02:35 PM Jun 20 2007 |

Paul E


One of the best things to do to develop vocabulary is to read as much as you can in English, not with a dictionary or learning lists but just reading. Reducing native language interference (L1 interference) is difficult but as other people have said spending time talking to native speakers – or listening to them – does help. Focus on specific problems that you can fix, such as certain sounds. Don't set your targets too high and you will see results.

03:59 PM Jun 20 2007 |