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The sweet

The sweet

Russian Federation

Hello!Is there anybody who want to talk on Skype?Let’s forn something like a group of volunteers.I am intermediate. For me it would be nice if you will be at the same level.  Well, what we can do in Skype? So we can introduce each other, talk about interesting forums’s threads, recent world news  or answer the question from http://answers.yahoo.com/.  Please feel free to propose your own activities, what would you like to do.I think it would be easier if we will talk here what time is appropriate for everyone.  For example I can from 3 a.m. to 6 a.m.  (I’m oriented on the time of this site) I  am waiting your ideas and time what appropriate to you!

01:46 PM Jun 07 2010 |

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The sweet

The sweet

Russian Federation

Irsath,  july.widiawaty  I sent you request

“Cross_ding”,  there are two cross_ding in Skype . I don’t know what is yours.  Please,  add  me.

khalid550, nice2cu you are welcome.

Kobiet.ka  you are so fluent in English. I am afraid you would  laugh at us.

11:50 AM Jun 08 2010 |


Saudi Arabia


10:08 PM Jun 08 2010 |




hi KObiet tell me ur skype here very happy to c u all guys…thanks for sweet i send a request to u sweet just i typed i am ebeby okie

01:46 AM Jun 09 2010 |




hi sweet time only problem, for me here indian time s diff know so let me know when u will online

01:51 AM Jun 09 2010 |

pretty girl


id like this idea i can talk on skype to improve my english and to make good friend if you dont mined

09:14 AM Jun 09 2010 |

pretty girl


 if you wanna talk with me on skype just add me by (dareen1312)

thx alot


09:15 AM Jun 09 2010 |

pure hearted


could I please join you after I finish a work, I mean after 25 june .??.

04:28 PM Jun 10 2010 |

The sweet

The sweet

Russian Federation

Everyone is welcome, actually our group is not big: me, Mustafa (ineedausername) and Dareen (pretty girl) without a mic. And today we were only chatting.

06:22 PM Jun 10 2010 |


Hong Kong

I also want to join!!mine: sabi0106

02:23 AM Jun 11 2010 |



I want to join ,my skype is fener.liao.

09:37 AM Jun 11 2010 |