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an apology from a chinese girl to patrika,who is from slovakia




dear patrika ,
   i am the chinese girl who you talked with last night befor you got off line with a hurted and angony heart .i hope that you may not get off that quick ,and not so angry .for i didn't have the chance to make my apology to you ,i'll make it public here and hope you can see it
  i really admire you that you that you love your country so much ,in me ,this kind of spirit is one of the highest  valued spirit that had highlighted the human being  histroy ,and it will go down the road that our forefathers had walked to us ,to the people of future,and it is kind of instinc that will never die .besides, i can see that you are  sensitive.

   you know, patrika ,what i mean last night is that euro country is short for european country ,and i do know that there is a counry called slovakia there ,if there is another country called the same ,i hope some one could  kindly help me out ,and if it was the "short for" that had make a misunderstanding ,i should take the the" bitter pills ",too ,anyway ,it is my  fault that had make you hurted .
  for you said i make fun of your country because yours is small and mine is large ,i can see there may be misunderstanding here .in me ,amy hunman being should be respected for his born ego ,let alone a country.if the insulting action happened ,it should be speak out loud and fight back hardly ,caues it is the crimial  that  had give the punishiment right  to the just 's hand ,and only though the punishment ,there would be fair .even more ,on country should be juged by the size ,no matter american,china or slovavia or any other country i haven't mentioned here .no human being should be juged by the colour ,no mattter he is black ,yellow or white or any other culour .we are all the chidren of "mother earth"

 my friend ,you know when you said i am making fun of your country ,you insult my ego at the same time ,cause if i did that i should lower my own ego first.but that is what i deserve for my own mistake i should say .

 i am happy to meet you,patrika ,a real human being here ,if you could see my apology here , i hope it could earse the pain i had give to you ,

and if you want, knowing me , you'll find that we are the same .

12:36 AM Jun 26 2007 |

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What a very nice apology from that Chinese girl. I really do hope for you Patrika read and will understand you.

Good luck and may God bless you ..


04:18 PM Jun 29 2007 |