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Have you ever tried chatting with a native speaker online?

charming princess

Saudi Arabia

Hey there !

   I want to practice English online with a native speaker but I do not know  how to go about this . I have been thinking of finding a teacher online whether on Skype or on a website. I checked the last option out. I found this site which offer English lessons online which cost 15 $ per hour ! I think this is costly !


Have you ever tried something similar? Did you like it? have been ripped off? I hope not so :)


Thank you in advance 

10:14 PM Sep 06 2010 |

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i wanna to talk with a native speaker, but i don't have the chance. maybe i am too shy. maybe my english is so poor, i'm afraid to bother them.

i am eager to improve my english~~ may i should more brave,ha

01:41 PM Sep 09 2010 |

Ad_Lib English


Check your English speaking with native speakers here – http://www.adlib-english.com

03:41 PM Sep 11 2010 |




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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

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