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The game of the truth !!!ask the one after you a question



Hi every one
How are you doing dear sisters and brothers
Let’s play together the game of the truth : that is each member will ask the one following him a question which the latter have to unswer honsetly , but after the former answers himself the question of the member preceding him.
The purpose of the game is to practice our English and to know oneanother other more.
This is my question to the following friend : have you ever felt that you are alone in this world and that you have noboby besides you ?

08:06 PM Sep 09 2010 |

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in my childhood. when my friend eating toffee without offering me… haha.. well my question is had u felt depressed in any situation? 

03:29 AM Sep 12 2010 |



May God ’s peace and blessings be upon you brother
I used to get depressed on many occasions in the past , but now that I come to know my God better nothing like that happens any more
because I know that all that happens in God ’s choice so I don’t have to worry since He is the Wise , most Merciful and Compassionate…if what happens to me is hard then I have to be patient and to learn ,,,and if it’s good I have to be thankful to Allah
...now this is my question are you accomplishing the mlission for which you ‘ve been created ?

11:31 AM Sep 12 2010 |