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"Reoccurring" is not a correct word?

Jeremy Chen


 I learned the word "reoccurring" from the English lessons. but I also found the contrary opinion on the Internet. It is as follows.

It might seem logical to form this word from “occurring” by simply adding a RE- prefix—logical, but wrong. The word is “recurring.” The root form is “recur,” not “reoccur.” For some reason “recurrent” is seldom transformed into “reoccurrent.”

So could anyone tell me whether it is correct or not? Or it's not correct but wildly used now? 

10:11 AM Jul 05 2007 |

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Here's what my dictionary has to say about that :) :

USAGE: "Recur" and "recurrence" are generally regarded as better style than "reoccur" and  "reoccurrence". 


08:22 AM Jul 06 2007 |