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what are the best English learning website?

charming princess

Saudi Arabia

No one can deny the importance of listening to dialogs and conversations in English to improve one's listening and speaking skills.. I was wondering if you know other good site that are similar to English,baby ! I do not mind if the site is on a paid subscription basis.  Laughing



08:45 PM Nov 24 2010 |

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Of course, Englishbaby :D

10:04 AM Nov 26 2010 |




Of course Ebaby is one of them.. But I think www.china232.com is a good website..

04:44 PM Nov 26 2010 |

charming princess

Saudi Arabia

oh thank you ! this was very helpful. English,baby ! is wonderful, but sometimes you need other sources to improve your English. For me. i learn from English,baby ! and other websites.  I think this is the ideal way to go. I love movies, too. But usually i do not have the time to watch them :(


07:18 PM Nov 27 2010 |




yeah, Juli..

 I agree with her .)

06:53 PM Dec 03 2010 |


United States

I can give you top ten website to learn English online for free. These are:

1. Elllo.org
2. Go4english.com
3. Funeasyenglish.com
4. Lang-8.com
5. Busuu.com/enc
6. Livemocha.com
7. Vocabsushi.com
8. Bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish
9. Learnenglish.de
10. Examenglish.com

Source: www.askforeducation.com/online-schools/by-subject/arts-religion/english

06:44 AM Sep 11 2012 |


United States


08:53 AM Sep 14 2013 |