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Learning in sleeping



I've ever read some books about when people sleep,they can listen radio in English,they use

this method to enhance their English very well,but I have question about how their sleep

quality?     Is it normal,poor or well?    Is this method worth  we to try??? 

03:47 AM Dec 07 2010 |

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Hello my friend , Learning English must replay of Writing and reading , Suggest  think become American people , Don't stop read newspaper , story book and any  way,But must use right , Don't use chinese think , Because English and Chinese is different

06:20 AM Dec 07 2010 |



United Kingdom

I use to suffer from insomnia (lack of sleep).  I would have CDs ready for when I couldn't sleep, sometimes they would be audio books but often they would be textbooks on CD's.  I found I did learn a bit more when I did eventually fall asleep but I also found I had a great nights sleep.


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03:00 PM Dec 07 2010 |

Carlos Eli

Costa Rica

Hey boy!

I have a full time job in a small hotel in Costa Rica & I´m not a native English speaker,but I just try 2 be in contact with the lenguage,when i have a chance to practice I do IT,cuz if U have more than 1 lenguage U will be better in that(lenguages)so, my advice is just practice.(awake)

Cool Pura Vida!

05:07 PM Dec 07 2010 |


Hong Kong

i think it all depend on u, i mean u enjoy or not,, like me i love listening to music when i sleep. And i tried to listen the radio when i sleep, i think it's work, and found myself i had a good dream. It's worth to try, maybe the first time u feel weird but u will get used to it very soon

05:12 PM Dec 07 2010 |



hi my friend!your advice is useful,thanks for your response^^


05:09 AM Dec 11 2010 |



To be frank, I don’t agree! Because while sleeping the mind becomes slow ( the waves beta …) and we can not really recognise things well. But, we can listen to news…before sleeping to get some voca and so on.

08:44 AM Dec 12 2010 |