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Let's talk with poetry



If you have ever been alone

Alone along with pain and moan

Melancholy will kill your soul

And turn you to a stiffen stone

Just keep the smile and never frown

upon the slightest loss you own

Just try to make your soul a rainbow

And your heart vivid lawn 

09:59 AM Jan 26 2011 |

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Never say "alone forever"

Never say again that "never"

None is born to be alone

There must be something will be shown

Cause after night there must be dawn

You're not alone,you're not alone :)


Just as the drops of rain will fall

Reviving all the desert land

Someday you'll just forget it all

When you will find a helping hand :)



01:05 PM Jan 26 2011 |



I really like the way your poetry man really!!

04:58 PM Jan 26 2011 |




Hossam you are a great poet. I really like those poems you wrote.They are very telling.Keep up the good job:)

Dodo6394 are those poems written by you??

08:08 PM Jan 26 2011 |




I loooooooooooove it I'm so happy you shared it with us I really like reading poetry written by other people.Good job keep it up.You are so lucky I can not write poems when I want to do so they just come to my mind all of the sudden and when I decide to write something I can not do so :(! Anyway I really like both yours and Hossam's.

08:46 PM Jan 26 2011 |




Thanks for the poem;) that's so sweet of you.well here is the one you inspired me to write.

I' not giving up

I'm doing my best

I hope thaT I will succeed at last

I know i can do it because I got you

You know that I can do it because I can count on you.

Don't let me face all this alone

This endless pain will break my bone.


07:42 AM Jan 27 2011 |



Thanks guys

for the nice comments and for the participation,you enlightenned the thread :)



08:04 PM Jan 27 2011 |




I love your poems guys!;)))))))

Hossam nice thread keep it up!!

09:24 PM Jan 27 2011 |



Russian Federation

What are you talking about, my friend?

it's still the life where we live, not the end.

see all wonderful things all around

in the countryside, in the downtown…

look how deeply and blue endless sky

listen to ocean waves and its tide,

hear the birds singing nice at the wood,

trees are blooming here down by the brook.

Don't give up, my friend, be alive…

there's no need to lie and to cry.

("Wonderful life" is dedicated to one of my friends)

08:06 PM Jan 29 2011 |




I like yours seems from you deepests ;)

Ok now this is for everyone participated to this thread :


A fine thread  of inspiration

Was as the reason to this all

I didn't know that other hearts

Will be here to hear the call


So let's along with poetry

Creat a hefty charming tree

No matter large or smal

No matter short or even tall

I need you all along with me

To spill your hearts withy poetry


Cause it's no matter where you from

No matter where your thoughts come

No matter John or Anthony

As long as we 're all here to make

The most beautiful symphony 

So feel free for feeding me

With your pleasant poetry :)



08:28 PM Jan 30 2011 |




I can’t count stars in the sky

Or climb the mountain

I can’t even swim all the seas

But I know absence is unfair

Nothing can replace what I miss

‘cause I’m breathing far away from you

Believe that one day life will take me there

Beside you…

04:08 AM Feb 04 2011 |