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memorable moment




What is your memorable moment of life??

11:01 AM Apr 09 2011 |

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Saudi Arabia

I think I have no memrable moment yet
Maybe I still young !
Thanx for ur topic
I’ll think for a memorable moment then I’ll be back by God willing.

08:54 PM Apr 12 2011 |

dina spears


I think that every moment that is important to me and my life is memorable, those things just can not be forgotten. There are moments that are more or less important to me like for example when i first went to foreign country without my parents ( it was last year), just with my friend and it was great experience for me, but i think that really memorable moments should occur. ;)

09:41 PM Apr 12 2011 |



My memorable moment (sad moment) with my husband. He cheated on me. He hurt me. We gather strength from sadness and from pain Each time we die we learn to live again. But sometimes we can't just let it go… Thank you for the topic


07:27 PM Apr 18 2011 |