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Other Language Exchange/Friend/Community websites?



United States

You and I use Englishbaby, but are on one or more Language Exchange/Friend/Community sites. I signed up with several which are very good and two that are just terrible: MiGente and Friendsabroad.

I like Englishbaby, LEhere, MySpace, Xanga, YouTube, Friendster and Hi5.

Which ones do you use? Which are good and for what reasons? Which ones are bad? 

06:11 PM Aug 04 2007 |

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Monique Fernandes


I am signed on EnglishBaby and YouTube.  I've already thought about signing into MySpace. One site that the most Brazilians like is Orkut. I'm not signed there but I've already also thought about signing into it, but the only problem is … there are too much Brazilians and most of them can't speak English.

10:33 PM Aug 04 2007 |




i am not good at english,but i will improve it.

01:31 AM Aug 05 2007 |




Since it makes the aim of finding friends to learn english, I believe that englishbaby.com is one of the best between its rivals in this particular aim.

Concerning bad sites? Well, I don't know whether it is a good thing to criticize any thing without having: firstly, a very long experience dealing with it, secondly and most importantly, basis for you accusations. Taking the above 2 reasons into consideration, I am not qualified to judge any of the aforementioned sites as terrible.

Best wishes from Jameel



04:44 PM Aug 05 2007 |