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do you like watching movies or cartoons,reading comic books?

Irene youya


i don’t know other people’s hobbys.but for me,i like watching Hayao Miyazaki’ animated films(he is a famous japanese director).  and reading comic books,especially japanese comic.     

i like DETECTIVE CONAN best.

and you?

03:26 AM Jul 31 2011 |

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Wisdom Jay

Wisdom Jay


i love ” One piece “


05:49 AM Jul 31 2011 |

Talk Now

Talk Now


i like “DETECTIVE CONAN” too we are watching part 6 now , i love “one piece” too , i like “naruto” too

01:07 PM Jul 31 2011 |



I like detective conan too :) I watch it after lunch

I also like NANA, but i prefer the manga and the movie.

I like reading books and reading comics

10:15 AM Aug 01 2011 |

Lutvia Citra Ramadhani


We have same hobby. I love to read comics too. And i like DETECTIVE CONAN. Sometimes i dream that he’s real.

09:38 AM Aug 05 2011 |

Irene youya


yes,so do i

10:55 AM Aug 05 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

i dont  watch tv usally

i very ralrly watching tv 

also  in my room  my tv   have   no  channles  i can  solve it

 but  not imprtant 

i love   silnce cartoon  with music

 i love  music 

love  book too but it depneds what kind 

11:36 AM Aug 05 2011 |

Irene youya


yes, naroto!!

03:12 AM Aug 12 2011 |