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A dream????????




In the last weekend, in sunday morning i wake up feeling peaceful but very sick…
I saw a dream, I can’t describ it but it made me thinking about many several things..
I saw that I was prepared to marry with karem-tn but he didn’t touch me and I am wearing ‘hijab’ and I am very happy, feeling peace, love… nd never be happy before in this dream …
an ther ar friends from englishbaby came for the ceremony I remember arabhamid, Shymaa, crystal nd other friends from other sites to congratulate us much…
I need ur help, did someone kno what does it mean?
Thank u

09:38 PM Aug 25 2011 |

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Songgg and the other muslim friends

I’ll tell you about the truth of this person

Do you know why he/she refused to say its identity?,  it’s because he/ she is a real ashkenazi like 80% of israeli inhabitants, and they all zionists.

The problem here is that those ashkenazi who cry each now and then from anti_semitism that they them selves are neither jews, nor semites, but arabs are semites.

Semites are those children of sem or (shem) one of the sons of prophet ibrahim pbuh, and the true jews are “sephardic” jews not “ashkenazi”

Ashkenazi jews have a different stort with judaism. actually they come from an early tribe in europe was called the khazars and they were pagans.

and they embrassed judaism at times of muslim christian wars, so their leader chose juadaism inorder not to be fought neoither from muslims if he chose christianity, nor from christians if he chose islam.

those people were knows of witchcraft and other occult practices like the so_called kaballa practices…

they spread through time in europe and they used very clever but evil ways to get rich and get control of all governements…

in the end as you see, they chose  palestine to make their so_called promised land to settle in with no religious nor humanistic right.

12:10 AM Aug 28 2011 |



*but u know why israel is always the stronger, becoz many many muslims dont like their religion.. nd want democracy.

it is strong coz who ruls the arabs countries love money not population 

12:33 AM Aug 28 2011 |



Yeah, I agree with you heyyman,

Muslims are not so strong as they once used to be because, their countries were getting far from the teachings of islam, and their corrupt leaders were following the teachings of USA and israel.

12:46 AM Aug 28 2011 |



hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…funny face !

01:28 AM Aug 28 2011 |



hhhhhhhhhhhh…lolzzzzzzzzz !!! ok, no more naughty talk Sealed

02:12 AM Aug 28 2011 |



hi , thank u hossam

i checked many times ebaby, and i saw exachanging of bad words, and i didn’t answer at all 

 my reason is, if i answered her, will gave her more value 

if no one has answered her, she would stop , but when saw that some ppl  ansering her, she maintained and went on 

but  nawfer misunderstood and thought some don’t love islam, 

””“songggg, i liked ur explanation and i appreciate ur views , 

i think we need to be friends Wink

12:33 PM Aug 28 2011 |




no one can tell u it is related to u and your character this need someone know u personaly

07:51 AM Sep 02 2011 |




in my opinion you’re having your brain washed

04:07 AM Sep 05 2011 |



Who ?!

10:52 AM Sep 05 2011 |