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speak with people the London.




Hi, my name is alfonso.

I’m from spain. I want to learn english with one person the London.

I travel to London in one year ,I need to speak english.

I hope your help.                                                      Thanks.

02:07 AM Sep 02 2011 |

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I m from china,i m also eager to improve my english very much,but i just don’t have time to go to england,i think i should be learing english well before abroad.

because for now i have to work in china,admire your detamation and your courage.good luck ,hope you can find the partner you are looking for.

07:48 AM Sep 02 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

 hi i want to learn speak english and i will be happy if sb helps me to speak fluently.

02:08 PM Sep 02 2011 |

safa 1987

United Kingdom

I study english  ans I want someone to help me to speak fluently

11:23 AM Sep 04 2011 |




Im  from  Japan.  I  have  two  sisters   working  in  London.  And  I have  plan  to  visit  them  next  year  summer.My  english level is  advance  intermediate.I  am  hoping  to  learn  more  english   and  can  speak  just  like  a  native  speaker.

09:17 PM Sep 05 2011 |