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Nice to meet you




I am an ESL teacher from Canada originally.  Very nice to meet everyone. :)

12:11 PM Nov 10 2011 |

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Nice to meet you, too two teachers. I’m a ESL student in US. I’m from China. I want to learn English  well. Would you correct my English? Thanks a lot of.

08:15 PM Nov 10 2011 |

Lenny Lox

Lenny Lox


Nice to know that there are some English teachers among us.

02:02 PM Nov 14 2011 |

Vina Novalina


Hiya nice to meet u all :) anyway i am not a teacher but i like english much that is why i came to visit this site to improve my english, cos i thought that english is universal language, no matter the country we are born in or the color of our skin, its brings us all together:)
I hope we can improve and help each other here\(0)/

04:05 PM Nov 16 2011 |