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Please!!!))) I need in your opinion! I write a scientific research work!


Russian Federation

 I wonder if you could help me. I write a scientific research work about the Image of Russia in the modern Mass Media. Please, write what you have learnt about Russia from the Mass Media. Political, economical situation in Russia, Russian people and whether the image of Russia is positive or negative in Mass Media of your country are important issues to mention. Please, write the type of the media, you take this information from. I would really appreciate if you also indicate the name of the newspapers, magazines, TV channels, radio, internet-sites and etc. Thank you very much!

10:08 AM Jan 17 2012 |

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I can tell you about the Communist regime of Russia  which installed in some countries  and which changed in bad all the lives of the people .Indeed that event was registered in 1944 but some of them feel the consequence of that regime even if about 22 years passed .

11:01 AM Jan 17 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

peace baby peace thats all we have to search for hehehhe 

02:23 PM Apr 26 2012 |