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Howdy pals

Any person who knows Turkish please let me know, in exchange I can teach you English through Skype


07:17 AM Jul 30 2013 |

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Hi. i am Turkish and i can teach you Turkish. 

01:58 AM Jul 31 2013 |




HI, i’m a chinese, i don’t know Turkish, but could you give me some advise about improving english.  thanks!

05:38 AM Jul 31 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi, why whould you like knowing turkish? 

Turkish has different types. for instance, in our Iran, people of azarbayjan and shiraz and mashhad speak a bit different and their language is different from turkish speakers out of Iran, like estanbul and turky,...  turkish of shiraz is easier to learn.

most of these differences are in vocabulary , but the basis of them all is same.

I`m a ” torke shiraz” and can sometimes help you in learning turkish of “pars” area.. but not in skype, but in e-baby and through mails.

what`s your idea??

02:17 PM Aug 06 2013 |