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hi everybody

02:03 AM Aug 02 2013 |

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derek lu


     What do you think it is very important about making a friend.I believe everyone says yes.Why someone has a lot of friends and someone has only few friends.I think it depends on a person’s character.Extroverted person always has a lot of friends.on the other hand,Introverted person always has only few friends.I am an introverted person.Sometimes I don’t know how to start a conversion with a stranger and I am afraid of talking with a stranger.So I want to change my personality.

     I found a secret about brain.I think brain like a machine.If you like thinking,you will be getting more and more clever.So practicing English is a good way to keep brain working.

    I want to make friend with you.My skype ID is chuck_lufeng.Welcome to add me.

05:34 AM Aug 03 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hi whats up?!!!

10:12 AM Aug 09 2013 |