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Language Exchange Group to speak English


United States

Hi guys,

If your interested in learning English in exchange for French, Spanish, German etc, there is a group of us who get together every tuesday and thursdays on ELE http://www.easylanguageexchange.com/ 

Would be great to see speak with you all, don’t worry it is free!

Message me if your interested

12:35 PM Nov 09 2013 |

Go to the TOEFL® page >


United States

So the next session is tomorrow:

12th November 2013


14th November 2013

It’s a meet up where you find conversation partner!

See u :)

12:50 PM Nov 11 2013 |



Hi ,

I just see your message now and I am interested to that to improve my english and teach another language like Arabic.

02:03 AM Nov 17 2013 |


United States

You should come to these Tuesday and Thursday sessions for more people who speak English.

At least you will get to speak to more people on ELE

See you this evening :)

01:07 PM Nov 26 2013 |