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correct it !!!




Here's a simple game of english. All r invited 2 try. I'll give a sentence with some grammatical mistake, u hav 2 correct it and then pass another sentence with some other sort of grammatical error.

Here's my sentence

It's a true fact.

04:37 PM Oct 14 2007 |

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coolest ^_*

United Arab Emirates

your game is really interesting for who want to improve his English grammer ..but your sentence is right I didn't find any mistake ??? is there any mistake ??

my sentence is ..( I go to London last year )  correct the mistake >> it's so easy ..Laughing

08:04 PM Oct 17 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

what a great game !!

the mistake is in (go)

the correct word is ( went ) because this sentence is in the past , so we have to change the verb to a simple past ..

 ok my sentence is (( did you went to cairo ??))

09:49 PM Oct 17 2007 |




The correct one is : Did you go to Cairo.

when did is used in a sentence, instead of using the past form we use the present form.

And yes coolest there's a mistake in my 1st sentence, but I think it is very advanced, sorry :( 

The correct sentence should be :It's a fact

because a fact is always true (hidden treasure)


Next sentence : I will can do this job.

05:15 AM Oct 18 2007 |



The correct one is : I can do this job.


Next sentence is : Thank you seen you soon. 

06:14 AM Oct 18 2007 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i went

04:10 PM Oct 18 2007 |



United Arab Emirates

the correct answer is :  she is taller than her friend .

yhanks 4 nice game ..

05:03 PM Oct 18 2007 |

coolest ^_*

United Arab Emirates

Barbican88 you corrected the sentence that's very nice but you didn't but any sentence to correct it ???

any way my sentence is : I have never visit Russian


05:35 PM Oct 18 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

the correct word is ((visited))

my sentence is

I played for two hours

06:47 PM Oct 18 2007 |



the correct one is i've played for tow hours

my sentence is

I like watch TV

08:33 PM Oct 18 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

the right word (( broke ))


if it rains I woud wear a cout

01:17 AM Oct 19 2007 |