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United States

Hi my name is Patrick and I live in the USA. I am a senior in high school and have taken casic spanish,japanese, and german courses. ( I think i was most interested in Japanese, because it comes from a different language rott while german and spanish are based on latin)
I would like all of you to share methods of learning language that other people might find useful.
A couple of things that help me learn are.
1. If a language is only repeated to me and doesnt cause me to think about it, learning a language becomes alot harder.
2. Another thing that helps me to learn is intelligent exposure, I learn alot faster if I can hear or read the material myself without being given an interpretation.

04:06 AM Apr 06 2006 |

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United States

I found it easiest to learn a new language if I was given the freedom to be creative in its usage. I have tendencies towards the poetic and found that by juxtaposing foreign words together by sound and not necessarily by meaning & context, I could grasp and retain the language more strongly.
Grammar rules, once grasped, become a template by which to exchange and alternate different words as they are learned. Words are directly correspondent to ideas and the conception of things. By extension, one might be able to grasp a culture’s disposition by the sounds and patterns present in their language.
So my recommendation when learning a new language:
  • think creatively!!
  • write a poem,
  • or if you are more advanced, a short story.
  • Try something dadaist and mash all the words up you know.
  • Experiment with word prefixes and suffixes, even if you don’t know what their incremental meaning is!
    Sometimes you’ll learn more about other words by understanding the limitations, possibilities, and meanings of their component parts.

05:20 AM Apr 06 2006 |




come down!! and you can learn faster .every thing begin is too hard.the way which is you learn it slowly

06:00 AM Apr 06 2006 |



learning while you living.

07:53 AM Apr 06 2006 |




For me it is very important to imagine  new words.So i have to draw a little picture , which connects the word and the picture. My teacher has told me that i have a pictorial brain and it is necessay to use sth. well. also if i need an english,latin, or french word i have to search after the apposite picture into my head.

i hope i could help with my little essay 




05:00 PM Aug 25 2006 |




try to read as much as you can!!! it helps me a lot! i like reading and read always something! i think it is the best way to collect a lot of information and it gets easier to understand sth. and also to remember how to spell sth.-what is very important!!!

04:50 PM Jul 03 2007 |



thank u for respond….. i totally agree with u.

08:26 AM Jul 30 2007 |


Saudi Arabia


11:19 AM Jul 30 2007 |


Saudi Arabia

haw are you


11:20 AM Jul 30 2007 |



hi Patrick how are u.i’am souka from morocco.i really want to learn enghlish more.if u can help me.add me please,this is my msn:

12:37 PM Jul 31 2007 |



I agree with you thats a nice way to learn.

10:59 AM Oct 06 2007 |