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Grammar problems



Hi all,

I am an English teacher working in Colombia and I have a question for the English learners.

What is the most difficult part of English grammar for you? (what gives you the most trouble, or is the hardest for you to remember?


08:28 PM Oct 27 2007 |

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Sri Lanka

ha ha Ryo23T, we also use "programmes" to help us!






06:47 AM Jun 12 2008 |



i am new learner of english i have problem to inderstand about talking connecting verbs, I would like to know what are the cases that I use preposition TO, or when I don't need to use it, or even, when I use the verb in the infinitive ING.

ex.: I need to do my exercises.
I could go out tonight.
I like studying english.

Help me please!

07:23 AM Jun 12 2008 |



Sri Lanka

Hi Ryo, If you can write things like "Is it conceivable that i correct  mistake  with another mistake", I would think that your English is pretty good. Smile 

10:30 AM Jun 12 2008 |




Tongue out

for me as a filipino, the hardest thing is the use of the tenses.. bec. it has diff. tenses and somtyms i got mistake in public speaking etc.. 

07:21 AM Jun 14 2008 |



depends with whom i'm talking there are English speakers who intimidate me by keeping on correcting me.Pronounciation is my problem.Icould write better than speak.


12:05 PM Jun 14 2008 |



I have some trouble, consist of …..
1. When must I use grammar for giving explaination of a reason in conversation- by past and present.

2. How to arrange the complex noun. for example, the problem of implementation of boarding school reguler.

3. What is the different meaning about ? And How to use in conversation.
     What beautiful
     Wish great solutions
     Have a wonderful traveling

4.  Which one must I choose the first conversation practicing directly or learning grammar ? I have ever spoken directly with a native speaker, I got some difficult vocabulary and misinterpretate.  Can you give me some tips to improve my English ?

I need someone correct me in conversation

01:37 PM Jun 14 2008 |



please Iam confused about using tenses eg when to use is, are,was, and were. please explain to me with examples .

09:35 AM Jun 24 2008 |