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Grammar problems



Hi all,

I am an English teacher working in Colombia and I have a question for the English learners.

What is the most difficult part of English grammar for you? (what gives you the most trouble, or is the hardest for you to remember?


08:28 PM Oct 27 2007 |

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Another question:

Thank you for the information that you gave me.  (is this correct?)

Or it should be : Thank you for the information you gave me.(or both are the correct?)


Both are understandable. From a grammatical standpoint, you should probably leave the that in, but it's clear what you mean if you leave it out. At least in this case. 

12:40 AM Oct 30 2007 |



Yesterday, I went to the mall to play bowling. When i arrived there, I saw a friend who  studied with me last semester.


I went to the mall to play bowling yesterday. I saw my friend who went to study with me last semester when i arrived there.

The first sentences are correct and very clear. You can use the comma after Yesterday, but it's not necessary.

It's better with Yesterday at the beginning of the sentence, because you have so many words between the verb it modifies (went) and the end of the sentence. It's usually better to keep adverbs close to what they modify. 


"when I arrived" is an adverb clause and it too should be at the beginning of the sentence, closer to what it really modifies, the verb "saw". In the second example it could sound like you want to say when you arrived to study. It's confusing. 


12:52 AM Oct 30 2007 |



1.   While i was going to shopping ,my father called me in my mobile.

While I was shopping my father called me on my mobile.  

2. If i had enough books I would pass the examination.


3. I  might be happy if you call me .

I would be happy if you called me. I think this sounds a little more certain.  

4. Let me infrom to him ,we are coming tomorrow by bus in our office.

Let me inform him that we are are coming to our office by bus tomorrow.    

5. I am looking forward to hear from you.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. 

12:58 AM Oct 30 2007 |



So u can give me some advice to write better and learn new words. Thanks in advance!!!


When you learn new words try to use them when you can.

Keep a vocabulary notebook. When you learn a new word write it in the book, but not only the word. Also write the sentence where you saw it, the dictionary definitions, maybe a translation if it will help you learn and remember, and write another sentence with that same meaning.  


01:03 AM Oct 30 2007 |



One more comment about the bowling.


In English, for most activities that end in 'ing" like bowling, fishing, hiking, skating, etc, we use the verb "to go"


So…  I went to the mall to go bowling.

We use play for many sports - play baseball, play football, play golf - but remember that if it end in "ing" use "go" 

01:07 AM Oct 30 2007 |



Hi, is there anyone of you can help me to correct my grammar? I'm always confused..tnx….

11:57 AM Oct 30 2007 |



I think it will be easier to answer all the questions and easier to people to see the answers you make a new subject for each question.

Lets try that and I will continue to answer as many as I can.

06:14 PM Oct 30 2007 |

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El Salvador

for me is difficult the order the senteces what is first in the sentences

11:36 PM Oct 30 2007 |




03:22 AM Oct 31 2007 |



hi i am an english speaking manager i like to improve my english, speaking as well as writing as i have to expalinlots of thing s so ineed small words and good comand

03:26 AM Oct 31 2007 |