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i hope you like that



Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

what do you think about this poem…
i hope you commen about it..
Tonight is the night
That will last forever
Tonight is the night
We’ll remember forever
You are so different and different is good,
And i am so glad I have found you

Tonight is the night
And i will be yours
Tonight is the night
This night will be ours
It’s so unexpected yet I know it’s right
Tonight is the night
When two become one
Tonight is the night
I’ll sleep in my arms
Tonight is the night
We wake up to the morning light
*Tonight is OUR night

09:16 PM Oct 31 2007 |

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it  is very beatuiful poem…

 go on please … do not stope writing

09:35 PM Oct 31 2007 |


Viet Nam

the meaning is very lovely. But  can't feel the rythm because I speak anorther language

11:08 PM Oct 31 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

yea don't stop writing minse

nice poem

11:42 PM Oct 31 2007 |



Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

HI new friend
thank you so much for comment .
well ’ i hope we be friend
so we keep response
with best regards
here is my Email ..

07:57 PM Nov 01 2007 |



I think it's very nice forum. I'm new friend of you guys

so all the best. have a good day.

09:04 PM Nov 01 2007 |