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Anybody friendly like chating on msn,add me!




hello,everyone.Anybody friendly like chating on msn,pls add me quickly.Maybe i should introduce myself fist.~~

i am boy from china.I have been work for one more years.24 years old.I like sketching and painting.And as you see,the photo Vangogh on my face.HAHA~~

ALso i like soccer.HEy ,youknow,it is ball like the earth.IT is interesting .

Also i like music,especially old songs.of course pop music also fit for me.

Ilike learn all kinds of knowledge,such as maths,science,philosophy,....and computer programmer can not be lost…...

Ok.Just for this.you can know me.

welcome every friend from theworld on the earth.

But also welcome you from other celestial body!!!!!!!!!!!!

my msn:

my msn:duanzh at yahoo dot cn

03:40 AM Nov 14 2007 |

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07:39 PM Nov 18 2008 |