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It's really interesting...




The idea of this thread could exactly improve our english…I want your participation in it…It can also benefits our english writing skills…

Im giving u a topic and u have to written lines on it,minimum 4 lines and maximum how much u can write…also u post your topic for other members and game will have a interesting starting…

Sorry If there's any mistake in my english…




02:49 PM Nov 14 2007 |

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Mapleleaf Man


Don't you hate it when you start a topic and no one responds? :)

Ok, Moneyed Assistance to Poors (Financial Assistance to Underprivileged People)

Each society has an obligation to support people who are temporarily impoverished due to circumstances beyond their control. For persons in areas which are permanently impoverished, financial assistance is not a solution. Assistance plus technological help is needed to provide these people with a long term cure for poverty.

Add to this or write something about:

Besides English, what other language would you like to learn?

03:24 AM Nov 16 2007 |



Laughingthank you for your warm heart,I am a chinese student,will graduate from univesity next year

03:56 AM Nov 16 2007 |




Thankyou Maple u really sweet as mapleSmile...I didn't feel hate for them who didn't reply my topic because I assesed something like that because I'm new here and some people don't want to welcome new friends…anyway I continue discussion about moneyed assistance..u really true that we should create way for poors so that they could do for their livings…I add..we must do something for honest poors because there are some people in the world who don't ask for their living they r shy,innocent…It's a common observation that some people support their servents,their friends though they r not poor but they may help them in future,they r optimal for their bad days…I think it's a selfish act..we should findout needy and then help them….

And for your question I say I'm pakistani girl and my mothertongue is urdu.English is international language and I have to learn it for my progress.First I wish to improve my english speaking then other languages I learn…

Sorry for any mistake in english..

10:26 AM Nov 16 2007 |




Yinghailing welcome to u…don't you say on my topic?

10:33 AM Nov 16 2007 |

andy wu

andy wu

United States

Your subject is too vague, and you require too much. Mininum 4 lines!! Jesus!

10:52 AM Nov 16 2007 |




i guess poor ppl should be given more rights,and should have a voice to speak out their problems .Poor have great potentials some times if not most of the times,they are intelligent , they're not mentally less than the rich , but because of their bad situation of living , some choose to leave their schools at a very young age some times , to provide living for their family and because they can't afford what it takes to be a student, some choose to be gangsters and drog sellers and those kind of jobs while if you get to know'em more u'll find that they're good ppl actually with feelings and with dreams,so i think the best thing that could be done for the poor is to be given more attention and to be heard , they need education and a good system of education to finish studying and be able to work in their future and why not become rich ppl themselves if they have what it takes ,it's not about money after all , it's about paying more attetion to them and about providing them with a good system of education

12:48 PM Nov 16 2007 |




Hi Ashalina,I think yours thread is a good idea,but, in the english forums,there is someone who are not good at in writing sentences,they only can read something and reply some simple words,so,I think you`d better chang your require,then,there will be many more persons join it.

01:17 PM Nov 16 2007 |




Thanks Samara for your post this is what I wanted to get on my topicSmile..You can also send any topic here if u wish

For u andy,I must say, sorry i didn't get ur idea..i think u meant i must explain my topic.Is it?

Brian thanks for appreciate my thread..I understand what u said but idea of starting this thread was just to improve our writing skills

04:05 PM Nov 17 2007 |



First I would like to introduce my self , my name is Ahmed I 'm a new member in this website.

Dear Ashalina,your idea is very good as we can help each other to improve our english through our different opinion.

 Each society must have a poor people & rich people to be able to fulfil balance , but unfortunately sometimes poor people don't take their right or even have voice to request it.

I agree with Maple in his opinion



06:18 PM Nov 17 2007 |




Thanks Thabet and Kanaobi for appreciating my thread..

ok kanaobi i'll suggest easy topic now…and u r also welcome to give any topic.

I think this one is quite easy..

"How do u spend your day?"................Is it?I think it will also help us to know each other all the better..

08:02 AM Nov 18 2007 |