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hi! can anyone tell me when i can use that word i still don't know it!

05:21 PM Nov 20 2007 |

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where are you from?

06:17 PM Nov 20 2007 |

prison break

Saudi Arabia

it's easy dosen't need to explain ??? 

for example if someone ask u a Q and u said i'll thinks about it , and he back after minutes u say i still don't know it . and i think u don't know mean still ? i'm still writing .


07:22 PM Nov 20 2007 |



listen… I think your english is better than mine… it will be better if you'll help me to communicate in here.

tell me about your life

08:12 PM Nov 20 2007 |




ohhh i wanted to mean, what's the difference of …"dancing is like my passion" and it's such my passion or something like that people if i make mistakes i'm here to learning ok?

thanks anyway!


12:17 AM Nov 21 2007 |

Mapleleaf Man


You are asking about 'such'? Such is a word that means 'so much'.
I didn't know it was such a big deal to drive fast.

I didn't know it was so much of a big deal to drive fast.

Dancing is such a big passion with you. Dancing is so much of a passion with you.

It also means kind of 'thus' or 'only'. That is their life, such as it is. 

 It's a difficult word to explain, and I can only use examples. Here is a link to a page that explains it much better than I can :


 Good luck! 

Don't worry about making mistakes, ok? If anyone says anything, I will personally thump them!  We're all here to learn and to help.

02:15 AM Nov 21 2007 |




"I still don't know it" meaning until now you don't know the answer, for example you lost my bag, then after how many days somebody asked you like this, Who get your bag? your answer is.. I still don't know..

 Another example… If you have a new video camera then until now you don't know how to operate it, someone asked you, did you know how to operate this, you wil answer, I still don't know it…

02:34 AM Nov 21 2007 |




gracias! thank you mapleleaf Man and jomjom, i had an idea of it but like you maplealef i didn't know how to explain it, you know? i could understand when to use it but at the momment to explain it… i used to be confused! ohhh anyway but now i'm going to visit that page and learn it, thanks people! greetings! 

04:07 AM Nov 21 2007 |