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May I ask your private method to improve listening english?



South Korea

I can't hear native speaker. What method is better to improve listening ability?I believe you heip me with your cooperative attiude. thank you.

02:10 AM Nov 21 2007 |

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the secret to achieve good fluency as far as i know is to have a good listening! maybe you should take seriously on how to listen the way the native speaker speak.. try to make a pause if you get confused on some language. Try also to watch English movie! it will help!

03:29 AM Nov 21 2007 |


Viet Nam

i agree with Yana011, and i want to impress that u should begin to listent to the news on the BBC or CNN. because they are the standard English news with the standard English forms and voices and various fields, which can provide u with a huge of major vocabularies.

Watching English movie is one of the best way to improve your English, but if u have face with some problems in understanding native speaker, u should choose the film with the English subtitle, in this way u can catch both the ideal of the actors 'conservations and the way they speaking….

Goodluck to u!!!

06:50 AM Nov 21 2007 |



Thanks for your advice

07:01 AM Nov 21 2007 |



Thank for your advice ,i am hope to communicate with you frequently to improve my english .

07:34 AM Nov 21 2007 |