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the secret of advanced oral english



 I met many guys whose written english is fabulous but oral english is terrible.I figure it out that is easy to promote your english to advanced level.Prepare topics for yourself everyday .Man ,you know there are not more than twenty topics in our life such as food ,drink,spare time ,how to speak good english,ect.One of my pals had written those topics for about one hundred words and retold them everyday for two topics.(Pay attention to the grammar ,tense and pronunciation).He delivered them extremely fluently resuting from his own experience.After one month, i am even not the couterparts of him.But itis vital for you to ask one of your freinds to check your pronunciation or record them to check by yourself. Hope you are capable of speaking advanced english.

Many guys devote so much time to practising  english but in vain.The biggest problem is no preparation.

08:45 AM Nov 22 2007 |

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06:00 PM Nov 22 2007 |